Saturday, November 30, 2013

Human Resources as Human Capital

As we all know that we have changes in industries which inflict the changes of economics value of countries in the world. Before, we knew that the countries with machineries industries are the developed countries, the powerful countries in the terms of economy. However, nowadays industries are craving for human resources due to technologies are no longer valuable expensive assets like they used to be. Everybody has the access to technology and technology without human is nothing. 

The world leading industries nowadays are the services industries. Markets do not only demand for good products, but good products with good services. Even, the word "good" is not enough, markets demand the best highly professional services which only can be handled by human. This is one of the reason why human resource is best known as human capital, as human the most valuable asset of industries. 

As an employee, I am an asset. But how valuable asset am I ? does the company can run without me ? of course the company can runs without me, but can the company runs well without me? can the company runs as well as when I was with the company ? 

Therefore as employees, we have to work our best as human capital, not as a machine. I am saying as machine is the one who go to work, do what the boss ask you to do then go home, when its time to go home. Even sometimes, employees are worse than the machine, they do not work as their function. 

Knowing that the recent industries are craving for human capital, we must adapt and we must compete. Knowing our competencies, work at our best, and gain for more competencies. Make your target competencies, what you can do and what you want to do in the recent industries.