Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Boop B'day Party

A week ago, Ruthy, my husband's niece gave me a birthday invitation card. At first I thought it was for her birthday, and turned out it was for her doll's 'BabyBoop' birthday.

Then she asked me to help her to make a birthday cake.

Last night, we gathered. Me, my husband, Ruthy of course, Jr (my brother in law) , my parents in law in the dinning room and celebrate the Bab Boob Birthday.

The cake was made from three slices of bread, strawberry jam, chocolate jam, colorful corn cereal, and chocolate rings cookies.

The cake, and the birthday BabyBoob.

Happy B'day for BabyBoob!

Babyboob with the mamita (Ruthy)

I think the cake wasn't that bad.. hehe...,
anyway if that was not make me become her fav. aunt that what....