Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wise Man Said About Marriage

Wise man said about marriage:

The ones destroy a marriage:

a. Husband :
1. does not functioned as a good leader which causing hurting each other.
2. fail to make his wife to be the number one person in his life.
3. comparing his wife to another woman.
4. is not discipline in controlling his emotion and bad habits.
5. fail in giving little meaningful compliments to his wife.
6. refuse his wife's suggestion/ ideas.
7. never ask for apologize.

b. Wife :
1. does not respect her husband as the authority in the family.
2. fail to bow to her husband.
3. fail to look attractive.
4. fail to show the gratitude for having her husband.

‎​Husband needs :
1. Sex.
2. wife as best friend.
3. clean and neat house.
4. attractive wife
5. respect each other.
6. supports and not compulsion (addition from me)

Wife needs :
1. love and respect/gifts/complements.
2. talk or chats.
3. honesty and open.
4. enough financial.
5. commitment to the family.
6. secure feeling/ protection (addition from me)

Being successful as the leader in the family will lead to other success,
and being fail to be the leader in the family will lead to other failures.

taken from milis loenpia.