Sunday, June 2, 2013

the world we are living in

Before, every time someone is commenting, arguing, talking, or writing about America is doing conspiracy in this and that, I liked to think that those people are shallow, don't have anything to do, its like talking about the corrupt government which is a never ending story. 

Btw, recently there was that Boston bombing which then made me realize that there is a huge possibility that it was a hoax, however the accusation to the suspects isn't a hoax. Then it made me tracking to Sandy Hook conspiracy, another hoax with the most ridiculous gaffes which you can easily browse in google or youtube.
I mean the searching of this conspiracy leads me to another and another conspiracy like Batman shooting, 911 etc. 

Those make me come to a conclusion that what if everything on the news is a lie, everything that CNN, BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel bring to us is all set up, to brainwash us, or to make us think what they want us to think. You know like the North Korea tv shows which is all about nationalism, like Indonesia in Orde Baru tv shows and news. I mean, if you are complaining about Suharto era, about the brainwashing in Suharto era but at the same time you are enjoying being brainwashed by whoever behind CNN, BBC, National Geographic, FBI, White house, American Idol, and Jersey Shore ... its kind of hypocrite right ?

or just lets not care about that, lets make a baby, a cute beautiful baby who will grown up with a strong personality like its mom, like me! #opojal.

Am I shallow for writing this?  

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