Friday, September 18, 2009


Last couple of months,.. maybe more .. up to now.... I have trouble in sleeping.
Actually I sleep early most of the time. I go to sleep arround 9.00 pm, but I always wake up arround 11.00 pm and that goes until 2.00 - 3.00 am. I think that is why I always get this dizzy, migrain and allergic.

When I think why I cant sleep, I blame my self for not know how to be happy. Maybe its because I'm not happy in life, but I realize that I dont have any reason for not being happy.

Also flashed a tought, that may be I dont feel comfortable and secured. That is why when I cant sleep, I usually and oftenly call my bf. Talking to him makes me feel sooo secured, which then helps me to sleep.
My Bf once asked me "Ning why u always sleepy when we chat? am I that boring Ning?"... :D

Another thing that it maybe is the cause why I cant sleep at night, which is my debt. I have this debt, and I think about it all the time, how can I pay and when I can get free from this debt. Its not that much, its just like one month of salary of mine, but to pay that debt, it takes at least 3 months, cus I have another thing to pay (bills etc) and also living cost to fullfil.

lets see if I can sleep fine this next month, when I already free from my debt. Meanwhile I will try to gratitude, and be happy also I wil try to feel secured .. by myself.

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erna victor said...

i cant sleep well two days. i think maybe i ve a imsonia symtomp, but i dont try to judge is a imsonia ... the best solution to kill imsonia or imsonia symtomp is read or write something .. as soon as possible we are have sleepy hehehehehe true or fail ?