Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Understand

For all of this time, everything was about me, I understand.
I always ask you to do this and that, and you always try your best to do this and that just for me, I understand.
You never ask me to do something, and never ask me not to do something, you always say yes and support everything i do, I understand.
I have been selfish, and you have been so understanding, I understand.
But I need to know what you feel, I need to have you share everything, cus we will share our life together.

Just minutes ago, I found a problem which might come in the future. You with your problem, not sharing it with me, cus I know that you dont want to share bad/ sad/ negative things with me, I am sooo understand. I understand, cus I am like that too.

What I'm afraid is, what if someday I don't understand and I don't want to understand.

I hope this posting will keep remind me to always understand, cus I promise that you will make me happy and I will make you happy,.... forever.

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didut said...

ning, kl kirim e-mail jgn lwt blog to yo

*sodorin kopi*