Thursday, June 25, 2009

tell u wat

my bf... called me the other day, first early in the morning.. he told me that he got a bad dream.. .. in the dream, me and my mom were there.. we were in his bro's room and when he tried to meet me.. i went away.. so we were like perfect strangers to each others... then he woke up sad.. and directly called me...

he told me that he got sad, and first thing on his mind was to marry me as soon as possible... and so we decided to have a chat... on the phone he said... "lets chat babe, but after couple of games ok??!!?".. .. and then.. that day.. there was no chat at all.. .. till i called him.. and he was like... "babe im still playing PS3,..and im thinking about chatting tomorow morning.. is it ok??!!?".... and in the morning.. when i called.. he was still sleeping cant ofcourse he said that he misses me.... but we didnt chat that time.. cus he had to go to the bank.. ..

i told my friend about my bf's habit... he she said "kembang lambe"... wooo... lha bener.. dasar mouth flower!!!!


didut said...

niat pa rak sih? *siram bensin*

rha-k said...

kalo emang cowok senang meng-gombal, maka itu karena cewek emang senang di-gombal-i, hehehe, salam kenal ya mbakyu :)